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Ikaruga (GCN) Chapter 5 - 118 chain (arcade mode) - CCC_Shiner

Topics Ikaruga

A fantastic ch5 run from CCC_Shiner here - getting every known chain in the level. Especially look out for the insanely good boss times, particuarly the 65s snakes effort - amazing!

This run drops some bullet eating points from 5-1, but apart from that its just about a perfect run!

Run time 3:58
Producer CCC_Shiner
Audio/Visual sound, color


Pilot: CCC_Shiner


Reviewer: dahszil - - June 10, 2014
Subject: a better choice of music
would be the girl from ipanema
Reviewer: nyaruko - - October 23, 2013
Subject: wow
wow good job o.o
Reviewer: bulbastre - - March 12, 2010
Subject: amazing
Reviewer: Meithal - - February 6, 2006
Subject: Not a fake indeed
I was also surprised when the snake rounded the ikaruga but it's not a fake, just an awesome player ;)
Reviewer: Vassilij_Zaitsev - - September 28, 2005
Subject: NOT Fake at all....
I just couldnt stand an awesome video like that to have such a low score because someone doesnt believe it.

Seriously, this video IS real, he does NOT let a shot pass right trhough him. If you really play Ikaruga, you should know that only when a bullet hits the CENTER of the ship it dies, and that DID NOT happen in this video.

If you, as the above poster, dont believe it, go to There are some awesome Ikaruga players there and they get similar results. I think this should be enough to prove that the video is not fake.

To the player... WOW man, outstanding. A perfect run with perfect bullet eating at the boss.

Just briliant.
Honestly, congratulations.
Juliano Leal Gonçalves - Brazil
Reviewer: DanmanX - - July 22, 2005
Subject: FAKE. FAKE. FAKE!
You know, I first saw this video over a year ago and I called it fake back then too. I re-emphasize my loathing of fake videos like this over the internet.

Watch as how white bullets go right through the fighter while it's black and vice versa.

Look. It's fake. In Ikaruga, you can absorb the same color you are. But, in this video, it's clearly seen that he's using some sort of cheat device so that he can't die. Please remove this video from as it's just as sketchy and the "acclaimed" SMB3 video!
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